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November 2, 2023

New DCT With Switch Connections in Use

Last year we announced an upcoming change to the DCT where panels would have the switch wires (speed and start/stop/reset) wired to the screen instead of the Brain. This change has now been deployed to production. See for more information.

Upcoming Light Tower Change

In Q4 panels will be switching over to a new light tower that has a built in buzzer and has better visibility in sunlight. The functionality will be the same otherwise. See for details.

New DCT Version Released

Recently released is DCT version 1.64, which can be found at , and select "Software updates" near the top. Major changes since 1.60:

  • Added ability to change engineering password
  • Changed wifi name to append unit number to help identify the correct network on a site with multiple DCT panels
  • Added special oil pressure alarm under Misc Settings that will fault if the unit is cranking but the compressor oil isn't building pressure immediately (requires Brain v2773)
  • Cleaned up and fixed a few things with the operator logs pages
  • Added Cyls 17-20 to EDT data to support 3520
  • Telematics improvement: Now stores messages on the disk that are pending send in case the panel is restarted shortly after shutting down or cell service is especially spotty

Numerous Connect Site Updates

There have been many new features added to the Connect site recently. A few highlights:

  • A "Compare Units" tab was added to the home page to show a summary grid of data from all units in the area to help find outliers
  • Down Time Type added to Alerts tab for units to help sort downtime into production and mechanical
  • New report under Reports tab: Unit List Report, which is a list of summary information for all units
  • New report under Reports tab: Panel config report, which helps compare kill settings across DCT units

February 3, 2023

New DCT Software Version Released

Version 1.60 for the DCT has been released. This can be found at following the link near the top "software updates". Major changes with this version:

  • New digital output option for "Run Status" (requires latest Brain version)
  • Added numerous modbus registers
  • New "Output Quick Add" screen added to allow for easy setup of common output types
  • Several small bug fixes

New parts list on documentation site

A new master parts list was created for the Wiki site. This list shows the majority of orderable controls parts and some hints on when the parts are used. This page can be found here:

Latest config file download added to Connect site

If on EMIT telematics, a DCT will usually upload the main Brain config once per day. This can now be downloaded from the site by going to a unit, selecting the “Panel Configuration” tab, and selecting “Download Latest Config File” from the bottom.

This can be used, for example, when a screen needs to be changed and the new screen needs the latest configuration. The backup on the site will generally be only a day old.

October 3 2022

New Telematics Site Feature- Configuration Backup

There is a new feature on the telematics site at to allow for downloading the latest Brain (Annunciator) configuration file for a unit that is under monitoring. Typically, a unit with a DCT panel will back up this config once per day. To use: select a unit on the site, navigate to the "Panel Configuration" tab, then select "Download latest config file" on the bottom. This can be used, for example, if a screen has to be changed and the new screen needs a config. For questions about site functionality or telematics, email .

New User Documentation Site

A new user documentation site has been created at for all topics controls-related. This will replace the old site at Soon, the old forum site will automatically redirect to the new wiki site.

The new documentation site features updated and expanded articles from the old site with better organization. Check it out and send feedback to .

July 19 2022

New Speed De-Rate Option

With the latest DCT and Brain versions there is a new option to add a condition to derate the top speed of the engine. One common case is to use manifold temperature to derate the top speed, so that the engine slows down when the temperature is high then automatically speeds back up when cool. See Dynamic Speed De-Rate

Tip: Improving Modbus Reads on EIM

With the latest EIM version (2.26) there is a read delay option added to the Modbus setup. By setting this value to 75 ms the read reliability can be much improved. This helps resolve issues with remote data coming in and out. EIM Read Fix

May 17 2022

Tip: Light Tower Usage in Test Mode

Did you know the panel light tower can be used during test mode to help with switch tests? Test mode is started by going to Brain/Annunciator - Testing Mode and selecting "Start test mode", which will begin a countdown timer. During the test state if any digital input (e.g. float switch) goes to faulted the light tower will flash yellow once. When it goes unfaulted the tower will flash twice quickly. This can be used to verify a switch works from around the skid. The time of last fault will also be logged on the "Previous Fault Times" button on that same page to also help with testing.

New Telematics Support Number

There is a new number available for all things related to telematics support: 307-209-4566. This number can be called or texted for activations, troubleshooting, etc. For less urgent items the email address can also be used.

Upcoming DCT Change for Panel Switch Connections

A new version of the DCT will be released soon that has the panel switches (start, stop, reset, and speed switches) wired to the screen rather than back to the Brain module. This will help simplify wiring and free up digital inputs on the Brain module.

The new screen can still be used on old panels because the system will detect the wires are still running to the Brain module instead. However, if a panel with a new DCT of this style is swapped it will be important to use another new-style DCT. For more information, see DCT Panel Switch Connections.

April 8 2022

Brain PID glitch resolved

Versions 2200 and 2209 of the Brain (Annunciator) software had an issue where on rare occasion the output of a PID loop would jump to a high or low value. This was fixed in version 2305, which can be found with other updates here: Software Updates

Tip: Telematics config backups

Did you know that DCTs on active telematics backup the Brain config once per day? On the Connect Portal the "config" tab of a unit can be used to view when configuration items were changed. Additionally, EMIT can provide a copy of a past config if needed by emailing

Tip: Lube Rate Monitoring

On both the DCT and EIM the system can be set up to monitor the divider block lucubration rate as a percentage of the rated value. This can be set up under Annunciator/Brain - Input Setup - No Flow. The system will track the rate as a percentage: if under 100% the unit could be under-lubricating even though the alarm isn't being reached. If over 100% the unit could be wasting oil. Info on how to set up on an EIM is here, and the DCT page works the same : Annunciator Setup - No Flow Monitoring

March 23 2022

New DCT Version Released - 1.52

A new DCT version is now available here: Software Updates

Changes with this version:

  • The dual recycle loop now has a manual mode
  • No-flow monitoring can now track pints per day of oil usage
  • ECU information page shows a few new sensors
  • Remote sending of discharge temperatures now works better with alternate input names. For example, if some units on telematics are missing cylinders 1 and 3, this likely will fix the issue.

New EIM Version Released - 2.26

There is also a new EIM version available at the link above.

Changes with this version:

  • Ported blowdown to header, dual recycle, and dual speed control options from the DCT to the EIM
  • Datalog rate can now be adjusted
  • Support for the EMIT ECU added
  • Idle permissive can now use a few engine sensors as the threshold
  • Input calibration ported from DCT
  • Issue has been fixed where the CAT error code was not collected correctly for remote data. Recommend updating EDT as well to v1871 to improve pulling of error codes.
  • Remote sending of discharge temperatures now works better with alternate input names

New Data Relay Troubleshooting Guide Available

A new troubleshooting guide is available that covers common fixes for setting up a Data Relay. It can be found here EDR Troubleshooting Guide